Philosophy of Science

Edited by Katherine Brading

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Articles by volume:

Volume 7 (2012)

Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Field Theory: I (pages 559–570)
Laura Ruetsche

Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Field Theory: II (pages 571–584)
Laura Ruetsche

Volume 6 (2011)

Introduction to the Philosophy of Statistical Mechanics: Can Probability Explain the Arrow of Time in the Second Law of Thermodynamics? (pages 640–651)
Orly Shenker and Meir Hemmo

Hypothetico-Deductive Confirmation (pages 497–508)
Jan Sprenger

Mechanistic Theories of Causality Part I (pages 421–432)
Jon Williamson

Mechanistic Theories of Causality Part II (pages 433–444)
Jon Williamson

Teaching & Learning Guide for: Mechanistic Theories of Causality (pages 445–447)
Jon Williamson

Volume 5 (2010)

Symmetry and the Metaphysics of Physics (pages 1157–1166)
David John Baker

Philosophical Issues in Neuroimaging
Colin Klein

Scientific Representation (p 91-101)
Mauricio Suárez


Volume 4 (2009)

Computer Simulation and the Philosophy of Science (p 835-845)
Eric Winsberg

Emergence in Physics (p 846-858)
Andrew Wayne, Michal Arciszewski

Incongruent Counterparts and the Reality of Space (p 598-613)
Graham Nerlich

Philosophical Issues in Electromagnetism (p 255-270)
Mathias Frisch

Volume 3 (2008)

Science and Religion: Philosophical Issues
Alan G. Padgett

Volume 2 (2007)

The Philosophy of Social Science: Metaphysical and Empirical (p 954-980)
Francesco Guala

Evidence in Medicine and Evidence-Based Medicine (p 981-1022)
John Worrall

Bounded Rationality (p 534-563)
Till Grüne-Yanoff

The Psychology of Scientific Explanation (p 564-591)
J. D. Trout

Laws of Biology, Laws of Nature: Problems and (Dis)Solutions (p 592-610)
Andrew Hamilton

Probability in the Everett Interpretation (p 109-128)
Hilary Greaves

Volume 1 (2006)

Time Travel: Double Your Fun
Frank Arntzenius

GRW: A Case Study in Quantum Ontology (p 224-244)
Peter J. Lewis

The Levels of Selection Debate: Philosophical Issues (p 74-85)
Samir Okasha

Philosophy of causation: blind alleys exposed; promising directions highlighted (p 86-94)
Ned Hall

The Paradox of Confirmation (p 95-113)
Branden Fitelson