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Articles by volume:

Volume 7 (2012)

Non-Observational Knowledge of Action (pages 731–740)
John Schwenkler

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind and Buddhist Thought (pages 741–751)
John Spackman

Neurolaw and Neuroprediction: Potential Promises and Perils (pages 631–642)
Thomas Nadelhoffer and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Analogical Cognition: Applications in Epistemology and the Philosophy of Mind and Language (pages 348–360)
Theodore Bach

Bayesian Models of Cognition: What’s Built in After All? (pages 127–138)
Amy Perfors

Volume 6 (2011)

The Nature of Attention (pages 842–853)
Sebastian Watzl

Measurement-Theoretic Accounts of Propositional Attitudes (pages 828–841)
Robert J. Matthews

The Philosophical Significance of Attention (pages 722–733)
Sebastian Watzl

Cognitive Science and Religious Belief (pages 734–745)
Graham Wood

Phenomenal Concepts (pages 267–281)
Pär Sundström

Inner Speech: Nature and Functions (pages 209–219)
Agustin Vicente and Fernando Martinez Manrique

Volume 5 (2010)

Olfactory Experience I: The Content of Olfactory Experience (pages 1137–1146)
Clare Batty

Olfactory Experience II: Objects and Properties (pages 1147–1156)
Clare Batty

Metacognition (pages 989–998)
Joëlle Proust

Music, Emotions and the Influence of the Cognitive Sciences (pages 978–988)
Tom Cochrane

Transparency and Representationalist Theories of Consciousness (pages 902–913)
Amy Kind

Dual-Process and Dual-System Theories of Reasoning (pages 914–926)
Keith Frankish

Explanation in Psychiatry (p 602-610)
Dominic Murphy

Problems of Other Minds: Solutions and Dissolutions in Analytic and Continental Philosophy
Jack Reynolds

Philosophical Issues in Neuroimaging (p 186-198)
Colin Klein

Volume 4 (2009)

Identity Theories (p 822-834)
Thomas W. Polger

Computationalism in the Philosophy of Mind (p 515-532)
Gualtiero Piccinini

Naturalisms in Philosophy of Mind (p 219-254)
Steven Horst

Volume 3 (2008)

Three Strands in Kripke’s Argument against the Identity Theory (p 1255-1280)
Jesper Kallestrup

Can Physicalism Be Non-Reductive? (p 1281-1296)
Andrew Melnyk

Defining Physicalism (p 1033-1048)
Alyssa Ney

Self-Knowledge: Rationalism vs. Empiricism (p 325-352)
Aaron Z. Zimmerman

Causal Theories of Mental Content (p 353-380)
Robert D. Rupert

The Phenomenology of Agency (p 182-202)
Tim Bayne

Volume 2 (2007)

Emotion (p 928-938)
Peter Goldie

Nonconceptual Content (p 445-460)
Josefa Toribio

The Search for Neural Correlates of Consciousness (p 461-474)
Jakob Hohwy

Multiple Realizability (p 303-315)
Eric Funkhouser

Mental Causation (p 316-337)
Karen Bennett

The Embodied Cognition Research Programme (p 338-346)
Larry Shapiro

Morality and Psychology (p 46-55)
Chrisoula Andreou

Volume 1 (2006)

Consciousness, Theories of (p 58-64)
Uriah Kriegel

Propositional Attitudes (p 65-73)
Timothy Schroeder