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Court Gavel by Jonathunder (Wikimedia)
Court Gavel by Jonathunder (Wikimedia)

Articles by volume:

Volume 7 (2012)

Ideal vs. Non-ideal Theory: A Conceptual Map (pages 654–664)
Laura Valentini

Democracy in Confucianism (pages 293–303)
Sor-hoon Tan

Teaching & Learning Guide for: Democracy in Confucianism (pages 665–668)
Sor-hoon Tan

The Ethics of War. Part I: Historical Trends (pages 316–327)
Endre Begby, Gregory Reichberg and Henrik Syse

The Ethics of War. Part II: Contemporary Authors and Issues (pages 328–347)
Endre Begby, Gregory M. Reichberg and Henrik Syse

The Political Dimension of Confucius’s Idea of Ren (pages 245–255)
Shirong Luo

Democratic Innovations: Bringing Theory and Practice into Dialogue (pages 895–901)
Graham Smith

Joseph Raz’s Theory of Authority (pages 884–894)
Kenneth Ehrenberg

Critical Reception of Raz’s Theory of Authority (pages 777-785)
Kenneth Ehrenberg

Emotions and the Criminal Law (pages 599–610)
Mihaela Mihai

Associative Political Obligations (pages 477–487)
Bas van der Vossen

Associative Political Obligations: Their Potential (pages 488–496)
Bas van der Vossen

Disability and Justice (pages 120–132)
Christie Hartley

Volume 6 (2011)

Ethical Issues Surrounding Intellectual Property Rights (pages 1107–1115)
Jorn Sonderholm

Theories of Political Justification (pages 893–903)
Simone Chambers

W.E.B. Du Bois (pages 904–915)
Paul C. Taylor

Psychopathy and Responsibility Theory (pages 676–688)
Paul Litton

Pornography (p 535-550)
Lori Watson

Punishment: Consequentialism (p 455-469)
David Wood

Punishment: Nonconsequentialism (p 470-482)
David Wood

Punishment: The Future (p 483-491)
David Wood

On the Very Idea of Correlative Thinking
Yiu-ming Fung

Objectivity in Law (p 240-249)
Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco

Moral Luck and the Law (p 42-54)
David Enoch

Reparations and Racial Inequality (p 55-66)
Derrick Darby


Volume 5 (2010)

Are Human Rights Essentially Triggers for Intervention?
John Tasioulas

Legal and Moral Responsibility
Antony Duff

Citizenship and The State
M. Victoria Costa

Carnap’s Logical Structure of the World (p 951-961)
Christopher Pincock

On the Philosophy of Group Decision Methods I: The Nonobviousness of Majority Rule (p 793-802)
Mathias Risse

On the Philosophy of Group Decision Methods II: Alternatives to Majority Rule (p 803-812)
Mathias Risse

The Open Borders Debate on Immigration (p 813-821)
Shelley Wilcox

Constitutional Interpretation: Originalism (p 682-702)
Jeffrey Goldsworthy

Global Egalitarianism (p 155-171)
Chris Armstrong

A Primer on the Distinction between Justification and Excuse (p 172-196)
Andrew Botterell

Volume 3 (2008)

Philosophical Issues in Tort Law (p 734-748)
John Oberdiek

Volume 2 (2007)

Precedent (p 699-711)
Grant Lamond

Unity and Diversity in Feminist Legal Theory (p 650-664)
Margaret Davies

Judicial Review (p 258-266)
W. J. Waluchow

Dworkin’s Theory of Law (p 267-275)
Dale Smith

Volume 1 (2006)

The Duty to Obey the Law (p 571-598)
David Lefkowitz