Feminist Philosophy

Edited by Alia Al-Saji

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Volume 8 (2013)

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Backlist (Vols 1-7)

Hobbes on ‘The Woman Question’ (pages 772–781)
Susanne Sreedhar

Divinity, Incarnation and Intersubjectivity: On Ethical Formation and Spiritual Practice (p 335-356)
Pamela Sue Anderson

Unity and Diversity in Feminist Legal Theory (p 650-664)
Margaret Davies

Feminist Philosophy of Art (p 873-893)
A.W. Eaton

Temporality in Queer Theory and Continental Philosophy (p 136-146)
Shannon Winnubst

Pornography (p 535-550)
Lori Watson

Ideal Womanhood in Chinese Thought and Culture (pages 635–644)
Robin R. Wang

Is There a Distinctively Feminist Philosophy of Religion? (pages 422–435)
Elizabeth D. Burns