Image credit: Nicolas P. Rougier (Wikimedia)

Thank you for the opportunity to access and review your journal. I have enjoyed your articles and have already recommended this to my peers and colleagues…I think the breadth of topics covered is one of your greatest assets. I was amazed by how many different areas were covered in a relatively brief period of time.

M Sheehan, Creighton University

I think Philosophy Compass has the potential to be the leading web resource for philosophy.

S Kirchin, University of Ken

[Philosophy Compass] offers some refreshing views on many relevant philosophical topics.

L Baptista, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

[Philosophy Compass provides] short, accessible introductions to important contemporary and historical issues in philosophy.

A Botterell, University of Western Ontario

[Philosophy Compass provides] well-written articles that are sufficiently scholarly and up-to-date that I can refer to them in teaching/research.

M Moffett, University of Wyoming

[Philosophy Compass] authors are recognized experts, and the articles are not just pitched to specialists on particular topics.

P Rysiew, University of Victoria

[Philosophy Compass] is a wonderful resource…I suspect it will become a leading source for scholarship and a leading resource for student learning.

E Lorkovic, Grant MacEwan College

I find the purpose of Philosophy Compass compelling. There is a need for contextualizing discussion in the field, not only for newcomers to specialized debates who need to find their bearings, but for all of us so we can keep in mind the point and significance of these debates as we craft our contributions.

R Berry, Georgia Institute of Technology

I like the concept of being able to read an article that brings me up to date on some piece of the field I don’t know. I’ve found the Philosophy Compass articles to be very useful surveys and idea pumps, and I’d consider using them in teaching.

C A Sula, CUNY Graduate Center

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