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Trans Issues

Trans Issues

For the third week of LGBTQ Pride Month, we’ve selected articles from our broad journals portfolio under the theme Trans Issues. This collection promotes awareness and exploration of gender identity and expression. Tackling complex issues that transgender and gender nonconforming people face, the collection covers topics such as cultural inclusion and representation, healthcare advocacy and treatment, institutional discrimination, violence, and many more. Enjoy this research freely through July 31, and don’t forget to comment and share below.

In addition to this research collection, the Wiley-Blackwell Team has selected some of their favorite resources and history fun-facts about the trans community.

And, don’t forget to come back each Monday as we post articles and think pieces from Wiley authors and LGBTQ advocates centered around a unique theme. Thanks for joining us as we continue the necessary conversation on LGBTQ rights, awareness, and support.

WB Team Picks

Trans History 101: Transgender Expression in Ancient Times – LGBTQ Nation

Transgender and gender nonconformity aren’t new—actually they’re pretty ancient!

25 Transgender People Who Influenced American Culture – TIME

We know their faces. We know their names. Their courage blazes the trail for the trans community toward inclusion and acceptance.

24 Transgender Historical Figures – Ranker

Lesser known to conventional history, these transgender people should be more celebrated.  Can we get a more inclusive history, please?

Explore: Transgender – Human Rights Campaign

A great advocacy resource, fighting for inclusion and equality for transgender!

Trans Issues – A special collection made free through July 31


Elagabalus, the young, short-lived Roman emperor has a complex gender identity. It was well documented that he eagerly searched for a surgeon that could give him female genitalia.

Gender nonconforming and transgender children/youth: Family, community, and implications for practice Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners | Early View

The Association of Multiple Identities with Self-Directed Violence and Depression among Transgender Individuals Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior | Early View

The Importance of Being Agnes Symbolic Interaction | May 2016

Transfamily Theory: How the Presence of Trans* Family Members Informs Gender Development in Families Journal of Family Theory & Review | March 2016

Normative Accountability: How the Medical Model Influences Transgender Identities and Experiences Sociology Compass | September 2015

The Social Costs of Gender Nonconformity for Transgender Adults: Implications for Discrimination and Health Sociological Forum | September 2015

An Evidence-Based Model for Understanding the Mental Health Experiences of


In some South Asian cultures, hijra is a word to describe someone that is neither male nor female. This word has been used for centuries to describe transgender communities.

Transgender Australians Australian Psychologist | February 2015

Moral Progress in the Public Safety Net: Access for Transgender and LGB Patients The Hastings Center Report | October 2014

Dangerous Privilege: Trans Men, Masculinities, and Changing Perceptions of Safety Sociological Forum | September 2014

Gender Labor, Assimilationism, and Transformative Practices: The Relational Negotiations of Cisgender Women and their Transgender Men Partners Sociology Compass | June 2014

Transgender Marriage and the Legal Obligation to Disclose Gender History The Modern Law Review | January 2012

Bodies at the Margins: The Case of Transsexuality in Catholic and Shia Ethics Journal of Religious Ethics | December 2010


Famous transgender activist Sylvia Rivera posing on a fountain in the 1970s.

Gender and Sexuality in Latina/o Miami: Documenting Latina Transsexual Activists Gender & History | November 2010

The Volatility of Sex: Intersexuality, Gender and Clinical Practice in the 1950s Gender & History | October 2010

Embodiment, Elimination, and the Role of Toilets in Struggles for Social Justice CrossCurrents | March 2008

Need to catch up on LGBTQ Pride Month? Click below browse our free content. Don’t forget to comment and share!

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