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Join the conversation all month long right here on the blog!

Up until now, the Philosopher’s Eye blog has been asking of you, the reader, to do just that; read. Read about Philosophy in our world and society. This month, we’re looking for a little bit more. See, for a while now we’ve know all you readers out there, regardless of background or specialty, have thoughts and we want them. We’re asking you to make this a two-way street. In honor and celebration of LGBT Pride and Awareness month, we’re commandeering the blog, sponsoring expert guest bloggers and special collections of scholarly articles to insight, investigate, and ignite the philosophical, social, cultural, and scholarly community on LGBT rights and ethics.

For our part, we’ve contacted the editorial boards of several prominent journals and books to find the preeminent scholars for our blog. Throughout the month, we’re posting their introspective on trending topics in LGBT studies to go along with our free book chapters and articles from Wiley.

So here’s the month-long challenge: join the conversation. Be an active member of the scholarly community and while you’re at it, take advantage of the free scholarly content from across the Wiley portfolio.

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One comment on “Join the conversation all month long right here on the blog!

    May 30, 2015

    Dialogue is better than monologue

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