The Need for Global Justice

The headline of the talkboard post from BBC news website asked: “Should homosexuals face execution?” We would have to agree that it was not the most appropriate headline, but when contextualized it certainly calls attention to a major problem in the realm of human rights. The article from The Guardian can be read here.
The goal was to promote an open discussion about the anti-homosexuality bill under debate by the Ugandan parliament. Apparently some Ugandans believe that certain homosexual offences are punishable by death. We would immediately think this is an absurd stance, yet even in one of the most liberal states of the most liberal country anti-homosexual regulations have been approved. I am referring to Proposition 8, in California.
The approval of Proposition 8 was a step back in the battle for a world in which human rights are fully respected. Now the anti-homosexual bill under debate in Uganda is a major affront to even a minimum of respect for human rights.
This problem calls our attention to the need of an international agreement about justice principles and of international organizations actually capable of endorsing these principles in every country. Some legislation should be internationally forbidden if we are ever to live in a world where human rights have actual meaning.

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3 thoughts on “The Need for Global Justice”

  1. Thanks for this important post. I don’t mean to nitpick, but I do think it would have been preferable not to refer to the acts that may be made punishable by execution as “homosexual offenses”. Uganda certainly considers them offenses, but I think it’s important not to adopt that language in referring to them, outside of quotations.

    And, I have a question: Do you think America really is “the most liberal country”? Perhaps you meant just to say “one of the most liberal countries”, but, even so, that seems a strong claim. Obviously, the US is amongst the far more liberal countries of the world, but within that group I’d say that it’s easily the most conservative of the bunch and not really a good example of a country with widely held progressive values.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I would have to agree with pretty much everything that you said. “Homosexual offenses” is the way they refer to it, but certainly should not be a term adopted by everyone.

    And about the US, I actually meant “one of the most…”. But it´s true, it´s by far not the best example for progressive values!

  3. Instead of just “homosexual offenses” the acts ought to be referred to as “unnatural acts” by humans. This definition is certainly more global in it’s clarity.
    The problem with global justice is that the rest of the world wants the USA to pay for it. UN records show that we are the only country [on the globe] to fully fund them, and their organization would be the first step towards global justice, were it not so corruptible. Furthermore, any man wants to trust an honest local judge and jury to protect his society and not strangers.

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