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Happy World Philosophy Day!

UNESCO’s World Philosophy, held annually on the third Thursday in November, is a day of reflection upon Philosophy’s impact on society and the enduring value for the development of human … Continue reading

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Life’s Secret: The Purpose and Pursuit of Happiness

Is there a purpose to life? Nietzsche teased “only the English strive for happiness”. Are we right to focus on practical goals and abandon any deeper purpose? Or is a … Continue reading

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The American Philosophical Association Announces the 2015 Kavka Prize Winner

The Kavka Prize is awarded for the best paper in a refereed journal, book chapter, or essay in the field of political philosophy.  The American Philosophical Association announced the 2015 … Continue reading

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Deadline Extended for Nominations to the Cunniff-Dixon Physician Award

With a graciously extended deadline, there’s still time to nominate physicians to the Cunniff-Dixon awards.  Do you have a physician whose patient care is exemplary? The aim of The Hastings … Continue reading

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Secrets of the Mind: with Roger Penrose, Iain McGilchrist, and Nicholas Humphrey

We have no explanation of consciousness. Yet from the origins of life to the workings of the atom, science has provided answers when none were thought possible.  Might we be … Continue reading

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Why submit your paper to Thought?

Thought features a quick review time, with a commitment to giving authors a response within eight weeks. Thought is available with a free subscription through the end of 2014 to … Continue reading

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Escaping the Moral Maze – with John Bird, Thomas Pogge, and Steven Rose.

Despite the decline in religion most of us remain attached to morality. Yet as the Moral Maze there are an unlimited number of contradictory ‘moral’ outlooks. Should we recognize morality … Continue reading

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